Employer Portal

The Employer Portal is a HIPAA-compliant, user-rights based live interface that empowers HR staff with secure, easy-to-use, role-based access to convenient, self-service options, including reports, employee data updates, imports and automatically generated alerts, notifications, and statements.

Employer Capabilities Include:

Employee Management

Online lookup helps employers respond to employees’ questions and issues. Manage demographic changes. Employers are relieved of Social Security and Medicare taxes on the employees contribution.

Enrollment and Eligibility Management

Enroll, updated enrollment and change employees’ employment status via the interface. Use the import capabilities to integrate with WEX Health Cloud for exchanging eligibility files.

Account Funding and Contribution Management

Multiple options available for funding accounts, including scheduled contributions, ACH funding, and file-based contribution submission, and recurring contribution processing.


Depending on your plan design, you automatically may receive a variety of notifications.

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